How the Party is Organized

 The National Republican Committee

The National Republican Committee is based in Washington, D.C.  Each state in the nation elects two national committee representatives, one woman and one man.  The national committee representatives are elected by the State Committee just prior to the State Convention in the years a National Convention is held.   The national committee representatives select the national officers for the party; host the quadrennial national convention that nominates presidential and vice-presidential candidates; and, raise money to help elect Republican candidates at all levels.  See for more information.

The Indiana Republican State Committee

Republican County Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen in each congressional district elect District Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen.  These officers, in turn, meet in Indianapolis as the State Committee and select a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The State Committee maintains a State Headquarters and employs a professional staff. 

The Rules of the Indiana Republican Party govern the state and county organizations.  State Rules are amended and adopted as needed following the recommendations of the Rules Committee, one of five permanent standing committees of the State Committee. Rules of the Indiana Republican State Committee adopted on March 2, 2016 are currently in effect.

101 W Ohio Street
Suite 2200
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Dubois County Republican Committee

The Dubois County Republican Central Committee is composed of the precinct committeemen and vice-committeemen from the 40 precincts in the twelve Dubois County townships.  To become a precinct committeeman a person must (1) file for and win election to the position at the May nominating primary in a presidential election year; or, in case of a vacancy, (2) be appointed to the position by the county chairman.  The person who is elected as the precinct committeeman at the primary appoints a person (of the opposite sex) who must be a qualified elector of the precinct and a member in good standing of the Republican Party, as vice-committeeman.  The county chairman is empowered to fill vacancies in the position of vice-committeeperson by appointment.  Precinct committeemen‘s term of office begins immediately upon their election or appointment and continues for four years or until the next presidential primary election year. 

A chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and such other officers and subcommittees as the committee may deem necessary are elected  in March following the presidential election.  The chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer serve a term of four years.  Meetings of the county committee may be convened at any time upon the call of the chairman, or upon written notice signed by not less than one half of the members of the committee. In compliance with State Party Rules, the Dubois County Republican Committee adopted local Rules and Resolutions on March 6, 2021.

P. O. Box 532
Jasper, IN 47547-0532
   DUBOIS COUNTY 2020-2024   County Committee  (Elected at the May 2020 Primary or appointed by the County Chairman)             
Mr. Mark Messmer          Bainbridge 1
Mr. Doug Uebelhor          Bainbridge 2E
Mr. Donald Hayes           Bainbridge 2W
Mr. Deena Lewis              Bainbridge 3E
Mr.  Terry Seitz                Bainbridge 3W
Mr. Merrill Osteman       Bainbridge 4N
Mr. Michael Jones           Bainbridge 4S
Mr. Roger Messmer        Bainbridge 5N
Mrs. Nancy Eckerle        Bainbridge 5S
Mrs.  Linda Ackerman   Bainbridge 6N
Mr. Ryan  Schuetter       Bainbridge 6S
Mr. Eric Sargent             Bainbridge 7
Mr. Mark Kieffner          Boone 1
Ms. Tara Dittmer            Boone-Jasper
Mrs. Melanie Barrett     C ass 1
Mr. Melvin Menke          Cass 2
Mr. Alex Hohl                  Cass 3
Mr. Randy Linne            Columbia 1
Ms. Joyce Beck                Ferdinand 1
Mr. Tim Jarboe               Ferdinand 2
Mr. Robert Duncan        Ferdinand 3
Mr.  Scott Epple              Hall 1
Mr. Chad Blessinger      Harbison 1
Ms. Renee Kabrick         Harbison 2
Mr. Thomas Boehm       Jackson 1
Mrs. Charmian Klem    Jackson 2
Mr. Chester Bayer         Jefferson 1
Mr. Bret Eckert              Jefferson 2
Mr. Steve Luegers         Madison 1
Mr. Kenneth Brosmer   Madison 2
Mr. David Prechtel        Madison-Jasper N
Mr. avid Bromm            Madison-Jasper S
Ms. Lorie Hubbs             Marion 1
Mr. Nick Hostetter         Marion 2
Mr.  Todd Lau                Patoka 1
Mr. Jeffrey Bounds       Patoka 2
Mr. Stephen McPherron  Patoka 3
Mr. Dennis Spinner       Patoka 4
Ms. Caty Merkley          Patoka 5 
Mr. Jerry Hunefeld       Patoka 6

Indiana Law

     Indiana Code supersedes State and County Party rules.