Dubois County Republicans believe in positive campaigns.  There is no honor in half-truths or deception.  Negative campaigns that insult the character of an officeholder or candidate of any party demean the overall electoral process.  All campaigns should be about qualifications and issues. 

Dubois County Republicans believe in being for something – not against someone!


Interested in running for public office?

Elections in Indiana are based on a 2, 4 and 6 year cycle with most elected officials holding office for 4 years.  Federal Congressional Representatives and State House Representatives hold offices for 2 years.   Federal Senators hold office for 6 years. 

Elections by year:

     2022: County and State Election Year

     2023: Municipal Election Year

     2024: State and National Election Year

     2025: Off Year - no elections

Persons interested in running for public office should review the Being a Candidate page and then contact Chairman Kitty Merkley.  Kitty can assist you in learning about legal requirements for filing your candidacy.  Information can also be found at Indiana Secretary of State's site.