Dubois County GOP Elects New Officers for 2021-2025


                                         Dubois GOP Elects New Officers

            The Dubois County Republican Central Committee met Saturday, March 6, 2021,

to elect officers for the 2021-2025 period.  The re-organization of the party and election of

officers occur every four years.  In addition to the election of officers, a financial report is

presented and resolutions affecting the operations of the party are adopted.

            Dubois County Treasurer Cathy "Kitty" Merkley was elected to be the Party Chairman. 

Robert Duncan was elected Vice-Chairman, Deena Lewis will serve as Secretary and Sonya Haas

will assume the role of Treasurer.  All officers were elected unanimously.  Chairman Merkley

took over from outgoing Chairman, State Senator Mark Messmer, following the election of officers

and conducted the business meeting.

            The county re-organization is the first step in the re-organization of the Republican Party

from the local to the national level.  County Chairs and Vice-Chairs from the 19 counties in the

8th Congressional District met on Saturday, March 13th to elect district officers.  The

District Chairs and Vice-Chairs from Indiana’s nine Congressional districts met in

Indianapolis on March 24th to elect State Party Officers.  National Party officers will be elected

next month.

            The Republican Party is a voluntary association of like-minded persons.  To be eligible to

be a Precinct Committeeperson or officer at any level of the party, a person must have voted

in the most recent Republican Primary and be a person in good standing with the party.


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