Dubois County GOP Elects New Officers


                                         Dubois GOP Elects New Officers

            The Dubois County Republican Central Committee met Saturday, March 4, 2017,

to elect officers for the 2017-2021 period.  The re-organization of the party and election of

officers occur every four years.  In addition to the election of officers, a financial report is

presented and resolutions affecting the operations of the party are adopted.

            State Senator Mark Messmer was elected to be the Party Chairman.  Cathy “Kitty”

Merkley was elected Vice-Chairman, Christine Prior will serve as Secretary and Justin Kluemper

will assume the role of Treasurer.  All officers were elected unanimously.  Chairman Messmer

took over from outgoing Chairman, Don Hayes, following the election of officers and conducted

the business meeting.

            The county re-organization is the first step in the re-organization of the Republican Party

from the local to the national level.  County Chairs and Vice-Chairs from the 19 counties in the

8th Congressional District will meet next Saturday, March 11th to elect district officers.  The

District Chairs and Vice-Chairs from Indiana’s nine Congressional districts will meet in

Indianapolis on March 15th to elect State Party Officers.  National Party officers will be elected

next month.

            The Republican Party is a voluntary association of like-minded persons.  To be eligible to

be a Precinct Committeeperson or officer at any level of the party, a person must have voted

in the most recent Republican Primary and be a person in good standing with the party.




Offices Subject to Election in 2018


U.S. Senator                                               Joe Donnelly (D)              Statewide

Congressman, 8th District                          Dr. Larry Bucshon (R)       All or part of 20 counties

Secretary of State                                       Connie Lawson (R)            Statewide                                                       

State Treasurer                                           Kelly Mitchell (R)              Statewide

State Auditor                                              Tera Klutz (R)                    Statewide


State Senator, District #48                         Mark Messmer (R)             Bainbridge, Boone, Cass, Madison and Patoka Twps.

State Senator, District # 47                        Erin Houchin (R)                Ferdinand, Hall, Harbison, Jackson, Jefferson,                                                 

                                                                                                               Marion and Patoka Twps.

State Representative, District #63             Mike Braun (R)                  Bainbridge, Boone, Columbia, Harbison,

                                                                                                              Jackson, and Madison Twps.             

State Representative, District #74             Lloyd Arnold (R)               Cass, Ferdinand, Hall, Jefferson, Marion

                                                                                                              and Patoka Twps.

County Offices                                           Incumbent (Party)

Commissioner, District #2                         Elmer Brames (D)              Must live in Bainbridge Twp.                        

County Council, District # 1                      Craig Greulich (D)             Bain. (outside city), Boone, Harbison, Madison, Marion Twps.                                            

County Council, District #2                       Becky Beckman (D)           Bainbridge Twp. (inside city)                        

County Council, District #3                       Charmian Klem (R)            Col., Ferd. Hall, Jack., Jeff. Twps.                   

County Council, District #4                       Jerry Hunefeld (R)              Cass and Patoka Twps.                                  

Assessor                                                     Gail Gramelspacher (D)      Countywide

Auditor                                                       Kathy Hopf (D)                   Countywide (open – cannot succeed herself)

Clerk of Courts                                           Bridgette Jarboe (R)            Countywide (open – cannot succeed herself)                                                         

Prosecuting Attorney                                  Anthony Quinn (D)             Countywide

Recorder                                                     Becky Gates (D)                  Countywide (open – cannot succeed herself)                                             

Sheriff                                                         Donnie Lampert (D)            Countywide (open – cannot succeed himself)

Township Offices                                       Incumbent (Party)                    

Trustee & three board members

Bainbridge                                                  Ken Buck (D)                       David Spellmeyer (D), David Hurst (D), Charles Habig (D)

Boone                                                         Mark Kieffner (R)                Pamela Weisheit-Hart (R), Kimberly Hoffman (R), Susan Weisman                                                                                   

Cass                                                            James Meyer (D)                  Lee Bilderback (D), Lisa Matthews (D), Dennis Schaeffer (D)                                                                 

Columbia                                                    Larry Gene Hall (R)             Donald Harriosn (R), Larry Mickler (R), James Wineinger (R)                                                                   

Ferdinand                                                   David M. Kemper (D)          Albert Dilger (D), Francis Egler (D), Michael Lindauer (D)                                                                   

Hall                                                            Allen R. Thewes (D)             Jeffrey Betz (D), Kevin Knies (D), Fred Lampert (D)                                                                       

Harbison                                                     Marvin G. Eisenhut (R)        Dalcus Fuhrman (R), Larry Jones (R), Mary Lou Zehr (R)

Jackson                                                       Sylvester Voegerl (D)           Dan Oeding (D), Nate Brinkman (D), Greg Welp (D)                                                                 

Jefferson                                                     Brian King (D)                      Charlene Atkins (D), Jack Dooley (R), Doris Schnell (D)                                                                  

Madison                                                      David Prechtel (R)                Pat Lichlyter (D), Mark Schmitt (D), Alan Small (D)

Marion                                                        Clarence Reckelhoff (D)       Eugene Bachman (D), James Hasenour (D), Randy Lueken (D)                                                                      

Patoka                                                         Donald Astrike (R)                Larry Ferguson (D), Jackie McPherron (R), Roland Terwiske (D)

Town Offices                                                  Incumbent (Party)                  

Birdseye Town

            Clerk-Treasurer                                   Donna King (D)                                 

            Town Board                                        Romie Striegel (D)

            Town Board                                        Jerry Allstott (D)

            Town Board                                        Kelly Weisman (D)

History of the Grand Old Party

The Republican Party, also commonly referred to as GOP (for “Grand Old Party”) emerged in 1854 to combat the Kansas-Nebraska act, which threatened to extend slavery into the territories, and to promote a more vigorous modernization of the economy.  Early members were former Consciences Whigs and former Free Soil Democrats , which quickly formed the majority party for the northern states by 1858.  The Midwest took the lead in forming state party tickets and with the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and his guidance through the Civil War, the GOP dominated national politics until 1932. Read more »

Republicans vs. Democrats

US FlagRepublicans

Republicans believe responsibility for each person's station in life ultimately resides with each individual person. The Republican Party encourages individuals to work to secure the benefits of society for themselves, their families, and for those who are unable to care for themselves.


Democrats believe each person's rights can be sacrificed to the assumed needs of the group. Democrats assume "society" collectively is responsible for each of its members. Democrats place less emphasis on individual enterprise and initiative and prefer government "programs," such as the failed forty-year "War on Poverty."

Government and the Governed

Republicans believe government should only do for people those things they cannot do for themselves. Each person should have the right to determine what is best for him. Republicans believe governmental power and resources should be kept close to the people, through their state and community public servants, rather than centralized in distant big government.

Democrats believe a centralized power in Washington should control and direct our lives, with secondary consideration for the rights of individual citizens and communities. This has led to increasingly more federal controls and regimentation, often in the hands of un-elected bureaucrats, causing a severe erosion of local government power across the country.

Foreign Policy

Republicans believe peace and freedom can be protected only if America maintains a defense force strong enough to deter any aggressor. Republicans believe America, by striving to be that "shining city on a hill," can serve as the example the citizens of other countries can strive to become. Republicans encourage other nations to shoulder responsibility for their own problems. Republicans oppose unnecessary intervention in the internal affairs of other nations and stress helping our friends around the globe develop the skills and strengths necessary to protect themselves.

Democrats vacillate between extreme isolationism, intervention and confrontation tactics in relation to countries such as Vietnam, Cuba and Korea. Such inconsistent foreign policy confuses our allies and encourages our potential enemies.

Economic Policies

Republicans believe in the competitive free-enterprise system. Individuals must be free to use their talents, the key to personal and national prosperity. Republicans believe the only limits to an individual's opportunity to succeed are the limits of his own initiative and enterprise.

Democrats believe the economy is too complicated to be left to free enterprise alone, and therefore must be subjected to ever-increasing controls by the federal government. Democrats say we are "entering an era of limitations" and therefore must lower our individual economic expectations. Democrats see the economy as a fixed pie to be sliced up for special interests, rather than as a pie than can be made bigger by the industriousness and innovation of Americans unfettered by ill-conceived government regulations.

Government Spending and Taxes

Republicans believe Americans should constantly strive to cut governmental spending and to eliminate costly, overlapping and unnecessary governmental regulations. Republicans believe tax increases should be voted upon by the people.

Democrats believe the federal government knows how and where to spend money for local needs better than elected community leaders, and federal bureaucrats should continue to control the flow of funds to the states and localities and dictate how the taxpayer s money will be spent.

The Future

Republicans believe in solutions decided upon and implemented by the people themselves, through their locally elected representatives. Republicans believe the solution to America's problems lies in the greatness of the American people, not government.

Democrats believe in a powerful, centralized bureaucracy aimed at solving local and nation problems from the top down—a method that has failed everywhere it has been tried throughout history.